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Behind the Name

who is reese?



Naming our boutique was one of the biggest challenges we faced. We wanted something personal and meaningful to us, yet something everyone could relate to. So who is her and reese? When I sat down with my husband to write this he scribbled on a piece of paper his story of how the name came to be…. “they are the most beautiful ladies in my life.” So sweet, right? Though he’s entitled to his opinion, her and reese are in fact the two ladies in his life, me, his wife, “her”, and our baby girl Hazel Reese, “reese”. Being new parents of boy/girl twins it was important to us to incorporate our daughters name in the boutique. But! Remember how I mentioned we wanted everyone to relate as well? "Her" also means woman. All things female, feminine, girl, she, her; her and reese.

xo Christina